• Maplewood NJ

    Got the link...looking forward to the wedding!
    Go Yankees!!!!

    Added by Glenn Slavin on Thu, Jun 19th 2008

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  • Port Richey, Florida

    We look foward to seeing family

    Added by Flory and Larry on Thu, Jun 19th 2008

  • Boston

    Congratulations Jes and Sean!

    I'm so excited and honored to be a part of your wedding!

    all my love,


    Added by Kacie Rater on Thu, Jun 19th 2008

  • Boston Ma

    For all my Boston friends. Please forgive my cousin Glenn for his affiliation with the Yankees. Brainwashed from too many years working there, I'm telling ya!

    Added by Jes Slavin on Thu, Jun 19th 2008

  • St. Paul, MN

    Mazel tov! Looking forward to it. (So, apparently when you add a pin you're supposed to put the name of the city not your own name--there is now a new city in Minnesota called Miriam Itzkowitz--it's a fun place to visit!)

    Added by Miriam Itzkowitz on Thu, Jun 19th 2008

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  • Bedford, MA

    Dear Jessica and Sean, We are so happy for you! Can't wait until next May! Enjoy your trip, Jessica, and have fun with all your plans! Love, Kim and Paul

    Added by Kim Borshay and Paul Shuman on Thu, Jun 19th 2008

  • Newton, MA

    Jes and Sean - Your love and affection for each other brought the biggest smile to me today. I am so joyful for this marriage. Sean, Jes as you know, is very thoughtful and special, so happy that she found you to share herself with. I am thrilled to be invited to the wedding and so glad you gave me a heads-up, just enough time to lose weight!!

    Added by Lisa Rosenfeld on Thu, Jun 19th 2008

  • Pembroke Pines, Florida

    Dear Jes & Sean,

    We were so happy to hear your great news on none other than our 37th Anniversary.This should bring you much luck AND LOVE for your life together. Keep us posted with all the good news!

    Much love,

    Judy & Stan

    Added by Judith & Stanley Mirman on Thu, Jun 19th 2008

  • Boynton Beach, Florida

    We are so very happy for you both, and delighted to be part of the celebration. Thanks so much for including us.

    Shelley and Peter

    Added by Shelley and Peter Eichner on Fri, Jun 20th 2008

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  • Amherst, MA

    Congratulations again, we're so happy for you both! Looking forward to the big day.Love -- Jon & Khama

    Added by Jon & Khama Holcombe on Sat, Jun 21st 2008

  • Portland, OR

    Great pictures...Can't wait to meet you in August, Sean.

    My mom is going to come up to Boston to babysit Lenore during the wedding!!!

    Added by Brooke Myers on Mon, Jun 23rd 2008

  • Washington, DC

    Congratulations Jes and Sean!! We look forward to celebrating with you!


    Added by Ali Gianinno and Marc Granowitter on Tue, Jun 24th 2008

  • Bangkok, Thailand

    We are thrilled for you both! We will be sure to be there next year to celebrate with you. Living overseas has caused us to miss far too many special moments with good friends and family, so we are really looking forward to flying in for the fete (also looking forward to dancing up a storm with Sean ; ).

    Love from Bangkok,
    Cristina & Jens

    Added by Cristina Garces & Jens Levy on Wed, Jun 25th 2008

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  • Salt Lake City

    Mazek Tov! We are so happy forr both of you. Boston in the spring sounds wonderful. Looking foward to the big day.

    Added by Rita Elman on Thu, Jun 26th 2008

  • Harrisburg, Pa.

    We are so thrilled for both of you. It was great seeing you Jess, you made my birthday extra special. We can only say to Sean that he is getting a really special girl. You have always been such a delight.

    Looking forward to getting to know our new nephew.

    Added by Aunt Robin and Uncle Stu on Fri, Jun 27th 2008

  • Hamilton, MA

    Dear Sean and Jessica, We are so happy for the both of you.

    Added by Dolores and Kalil on Sat, Jun 28th 2008

  • New City, New York

    This message comes from our hearts to wish you success in the life that you will soon start.We had the pleasure of knowing Jessica from birth and she is the best on earth.We look forward to having Sean become a member of our tribe which gives off a very good vibe. May your days together be happy and bright and share eternal light.We wish you both to complete your life with forever happiness as husband and wife. Aii our love, Aunt MArilyn and Uncle Arnold

    Added by Marilyn and Arnold Nimerofsky on Thu, Jul 3rd 2008

  • cambridge, ma

    we can't wait! mitch and judy has already marked the date for a night with sarah.

    Added by adam and jin on Mon, Sep 1st 2008

  • Medford, MA

    So happy for you guys...we can't wait for the BIG day! Hope you got a good dj so I can cut a rug - haha!

    Added by Melissa Natale on Thu, Sep 4th 2008

  • Ireland/south Armagh

    Ok first i'd like to say " CONGRATS !!!!! " yous are great together
    and thanks a million for the invitation. im saving the date and the week.i'll have to get looking at flights, we wouldn't miss it

    Added by fergal and celia walsh on Fri, Dec 26th 2008

  • lreland / armagh

    Added by gus & teresa on Sun, Dec 28th 2008

  • lreland / armagh

    hi gus here ! sorry never sent comment with last note!!!! looking forward to your wedding ! taking my lovely friend teresa with me, hope to talk soon ........... love gus & teresa

    Added by gus & teresa on Sun, Dec 28th 2008

  • Arundel, ME

    Hi Sean and Jess --

    Got your wedding invitation yesterday - so glad to hear the happy news - your Mom told me that you were getting married in her e.mail. Am "penning" this from work here at Kennebunk Beach Realty.

    Haven't had a chance to peruse your site yet. I talked with Andy last night in CA and told him - am going to forward the link to him. He was happy for you. He and Robbie's daughter, Tori, will be 15 on April 5th! They are coming home to ME on June 27th for 2 weeks (Andy's birthday - he will be 47! My little boy is getting old!) -

    I won't be able to come to your wedding but will be thinking of you both and I wish you a very happy life together - you deserve it! I remember when you were little and stayed with us in So.Acton, MA when Christine was born and you came with a year's supply of Welch's grape juice which you loved. Boy, that was a long time ago!

    I hope to meet Jess someday - her picture is lovely.

    Love Loretta
    (Your mother's friend in ME)

    Added by Loretta Beaucage on Fri, Feb 6th 2009

  • Los Angeles, California

    Congrats. Duuuude!!! ( that sounds kinda California like, not bad for an old New Englander HaHa ) My family and I will be coming back for vacation in July and I would love to hook up with you, meet the wife, shoot the breeze and steal bass ideas. I can use all help I can get!
    I'm very happy for you guys and I wish I could make the wedding. Hope to see you this summer. If you have a gig that would be even better. Go Sox!!!!!


    Added by Andy Gustafson on Sat, Feb 7th 2009

  • Tucson,AZ

    Congrats to my buddy Sean and his fiance. I am sooooo happy to hear the great news. Jes is a lucky woman to find you. I know you will always treat her right since you were brought up to be an awesome man!!!!!

    Added by Lisa Tucci on Thu, Feb 12th 2009

  • Brooklyn, NY

    We wish you happiness and look forward to helping you celebrate your wonderful event. Thanks for setting up this website and making it easy to make hotel reservations. All the best.

    Added by Arthur and Dilia Schack on Thu, Mar 12th 2009

  • Lexington, MA

    Love the pictures! You two look very sweet together. What's the Irish equivalent of mazel tov?!

    Hanna and Daniel

    Added by Hanna Sherman and Daniel Sheff on Fri, Apr 3rd 2009


  • Added by Aunt Roslyn on Wed, Apr 15th 2009

  • Zambia

    We're quite happy we could be here for this. Congrats to both of you.

    Added by Eric on Thu, Apr 30th 2009

  • Boston

    Looking forward to it! Congrats!

    Zack and Athena

    Added by Zack Wells and Athena Costa on Thu, Apr 30th 2009

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